How to Start a Car Detailing Business: Laying the Foundation

There is really a small percentage of automobile proprietors that actually enjoy cleaning, shampooing, polishing, and waxing their automobiles. They take pride in maintaining their automobiles’ like-new condition.

Want to go pro?  Have a look at your equipment. The first upgrade you must make is to add a gas or electric pressure washer to your available tools; they are necessary to professionally prepare a car for detailing. Second, you must add some skills that will be asked of a professional. Odor removal is a common request. Learn how to permanently remove dog smell, smokers’ smell, and food or mold smells.

You must invest in a mechanical polisher to remove scratches and deliver a paint finish that customers expect. The very best polisher available is the Cyclo dual head polisher. With the Cyclo, you can deliver the results of a high speed buffer without the complication or risk of damaging paint. Be sure to buy plenty of pads, compounds, and waxes.

Nothing is more important to the success of your new car detailing business than marketing.  Small businesses with smaller budgets are getting fantastic results on Craigslist. Submit a professionally designed ad as often as possible to Craigslist’s automotive companies section and you will get plenty of customers to get your business started. Yahoo and Google are heavily searched resources for automobile detailing solutions and services.  Make a website that is optimized for the critical search terms in your area.  Study for free resources on how to rank high in the search engines.

Ask your consumers for on-line reviews. Hand out flyers in upscale neighborhoods. Distribute flyers to your customers’ neighbors.

Introduce yourself to the automotive businesses in your service area. Automotive businesses get requested for detailing referrals repeatedly, so you have to a familiar face to them. Nearby automobile clubs and cruising groups are superb contacts for detailing clients.

To conclude, you must extremely very first equip yourself for pro work. Then learn the critical skills that professionals must know:  shampooing, stain removal, scratch removal, and odor removal.   Once you are confident in your technical skills, market your business agressively online and offline.  Always give full effort on every job.  Follow these fundamental guidelines and you will find success.

Bob Keppel is author of “How to Start a Car Detailing
, the most thorough guide to starting up a car detailing business available on the Internet.

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