Good sound system for my car?

Question by Sir_Ask_Alot: Good sound system for my car?
Hey, I dont know much about sound systems for like any cars. haha. I have a 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan( I know a piece of crap). I want to at least have a good system so that I can blast some tunes. I like my music loud and I like alot of Base.. All my speakers are blown and I need a new stereo.. are there speakers better than others? I know i need six that are certain sizes.. and also what is a good stereo.. does the stereo make much of a difference? and what would I need to get that bigg sound like a base? An amp? sub? lol. any help would be cool, I dont want to get ripped off at an auto shop.. Thanks!

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Answer by C4PT41N
For good bass, i would get two Kicker CVR 12″ subs with a Kicker zx750.1 amp, or two Kicker CVR 15″ subs with a Kicker zx1000.1 Amp, depending on how much trunk space/ money you have. I don’t know much about mid-bass or high frequency speakers, but those subs will rattle your car apart.

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