flowmaster on my 06 mustang GT auto?

Question by ryu514: flowmaster on my 06 mustang GT auto?
just put on some flowmaster, just the mufflers. it got a lil bit louder but it’s not that sound those other mustangs make.. that monster sound… do i have to get the whole exhaust system?

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Answer by MarJoe
Yes you do.

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  • bj51182 says:

    Yes you do. I have a 00 GT with aftermarket headers, A 3 inch offroad X-pipe and 3 inch Flowmasters. Trust me, if you set yours up like that it will give you that monster sound. Mine sets off car alarms when it idles.

  • Jeremy G says:

    Yeah get the American Thunder catback along with an off road h pipe and a set of headers. That will make that car sound mean.

  • spudwrenchfalling says:

    Yeah, you need to do the whole exhaust. Mufflers alone wont get that sound.

  • mcaz86 says:

    The S197 cars don’t replace from the cat back like the older fox derivatives did. The flowmasters aren’t the axleback of choice for these cars. I run Macs on mine yet the mainstream seems to think Corsas and SLP are the way to go. You can make your current exhaust louder by getting headers and/or an h pipe but you can get an axleback setup that not only sounds more aggressive than your flows, they also just make a lot more noise too.

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