Hot Rods And Custom Cars-How To Dry Sand Your Car For Paint!

Clown Guy gets Involved. or 972-420-1293
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Slingshot Dragsters including the Hawaiian & Big Daddy.

((yot vintage cars))

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  • 319PurpleHaze says:

    and please let me know which colour would u suggest for my honda jazz ….so that it looks good and loud

  • 319PurpleHaze says:

    guys i have a honda jazz, i want to change the colour to lime green. so how to do it first silver base or direct colour to the parts

  • muszyngr says:

    Minnie works behind the desk, and she gets her hands dirty, you’re a lucky man Pete, a lucky man, oh and she puts up with your sh!t, well kinda, lol

  • swrnc says:

    @rossetti1313 I never got an email about a body kit or paint job.. Call me and let me know whats up. THanks Pete

  • rossetti1313 says:

    Hey guys I sent yall an email about getting a body kit installed on my car an possibly painted, please let me know asap thanks.

  • HanshDunbdgf says:

    Low cost marriage service for you

  • swrnc says:

    @Duckyseventy3 Shes always GROUCHY on Saturday Morning… She HATES coming to the shop early in the morning.. Best time to razz her and get her going..

  • Duckyseventy3 says:

    Ha ha, I like the way you push her buttons! She looks like she’s about ready to bitch slap the shit out of you!…. Mind you i do the same with my missus. It’s kinda fun until she throws a right hook!

  • davemiii says:

    Wow. Flashback to my house at 5:38!

  • bigbuckit79 says:

    Mega funny!!! again

  • ncfatcyclist says:

    Good to see some fun at SWRNC….thanks for the great videos.

  • swrnc says:

    @retrogazele Big Answer! I SURVIVE….

  • retrogazele says:

    Big Question! Do you live to work or do you work to live??

  • swrnc says:

    @oney135 After you get as much surface rust off that you can, go ahead and wash your car off with vineger water, (3parts water 1part vineger), then rinse it off with plain water, let dry, wipe the residue off, and then seal with epoxy primer, and you sould be set to go.. Pete

  • mikkars250 says:

    @FartenStart So is her belly ;)

  • mikkars250 says:


  • oney135 says:

    hey pete i got a 48 chevy 2 ton truck that i sanded to pretty much bare metal cause of all the surface rust what would you recomend to clean the surface with to get rid of any contaniments that might still be on it that might not let the primer stick properly

  • thecruiser2010 says:

    Got to love it … after 23 years of wedded bliss she can still smile on the job . good job Pete

  • billybobc30 says:

    Well you got her smile. Not a mornig person.

  • swrnc says:

    @xtrmdbrider You might be right! ……..

  • swrnc says:

    @JestersWord75 Knock Off Early–Extra Schlitz or 2–Stressin OUT—–HAHAHA…

  • aracp says:

    Hope you and minnie are ok….doesn’t seem like it’s just early….been married 24 years here…

  • FartenStart says:

    I’m sorry Pete – but – Minnie’s tatoos are hot.

  • thetito626 says:

    LOL, minnie is hating, pete

  • JestersWord75 says:

    HaHaHa Hilarious… P H G is gonna slap the shit outta everbody..he don’t give a ferk…U need to let Sammy knock off early and get a extra Schlitz or 2 ..he’s stressin out! LMAO!

  • dart1966man says:

    @fullcirclerecordings No dis-respect intended but I had read that he was using benzene (rocket fuel) when those numbers were posted. Either way it was very fast for the day.

  • CSXer says:

    If you ever get near Ocala Fl. you need to check out Don’s museum! It rocks! He has a great car show event there every year.

  • spacepatrolman says:

    I though it was tommy ivo who went 2oo no wait a minute tommy was the first 7 secound et.

  • GwaiiEagle1 says:

    Damn, I forgot…

    Guess who the shoe was next to Garlits when Don got 300?

  • GwaiiEagle1 says:

    The Greek is the man.

    Chris was asked on ESPN how does it at his age, and not missing a beat The Greek says, smiling, “Chivas!”

  • GwaiiEagle1 says:

    The Greek didn’t do 200 first because the NHRA says so.


  • nitrox314 says:

    0:15-0:21 The AA/FD in the back (Yellow and Red) is a fuller chassis with a nice old 392 Hemi. It’s the M&R Special that was later known as “Milner’s” Dragster in “More American Graffiti”. Sadly the car burned up in a trailer fire.

  • TurbinePower69 says:

    RE: ” Garlits was Not the first to have a
    red “………

    True…….he was not…….HOWEVER, he is the One (along with T.C.)….who figured out the why previous (including
    his) red’s would never go straight….and
    corrected the problem (fed steering box ratio)…..thereby making red’s viable
    from there, forward.

    Yes…Chris was the first to go “OVER”
    200…..but it was Garlits who first went

  • fullcirclerecordings says:

    take it lite..maybe you knew, others didnt.

    none take personally though, were from Chicago.we dont take these things “personal”

    oh, and visit my families race page to see 3 things

    1) who was working for chris when he went 204.and was there to see it.hmm, and grew up in chris’ shop from 14+

    2)who builds the 204 current orig cackle car and engine.hmm

    3)who bulids the current Chiris 330+ mph IHRA RED Motors.huh

    4)i wear my pops m/t 200mph jacket proud, #16 to go 200+ in 1962

    take care bro

  • fredfordguy says:

    I had the honor to hang around Chris’ pit a few years ago at New England Dragway. An amazing man and crew. I had a great time…

  • ford32deuce says:


  • ford32deuce says:

    I don’t think I asked for a history lesson bro? I just posted the video, I didn’t produce it. Maybe, Big Daddy was the first to set the National Record at 200. You don’t need to tell me that Big Daddy was not the first to have the first RED. I have heard of Tony Nancy (Wedge cars) and the Speed Sport. There were others too. However, Big Daddy had the first RED that won a National Event @ Pomona at it’s debut. No, I don’t need more info, but thanks.

  • ford32deuce says:

    It is a History Cannel video. Modern Marvels.

  • fullcirclerecordings says:

    Chris “The Golden Greek” Karamasines was the first to cross 200 mph…204 in 1961.

    I would be well aware of this. My father worked for his shop in Chicago when Chris ran 204 and backed it up (Official) in ’61

    Chris is now 78, and my father is 66

    My father also builds (machine work) the 330 MPH Karamasines Engines for Chris, with help from others on Chris’ crew

    Chris still drives…and #10 in IHRA 78

    Need more info?

    Also, Don Gartlits was not the first to have the first RED…

  • nitrostalgia says:

    What is this video from?

  • AADRAGS says:

    great post!

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