Classic VW Beetle Bug How to Spot Cheap Paint Jobs Online In this short video I show how to spot poor or cheap paint jobs from ads online.
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Some retro chic from yesteryear Gerbil Humper GerbilHumper

((yot vintage cars))

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  • Tryvaltor says:

    I have a question. My 72 Super had a new paint job about two years ago (the previous owner had it done) It’s a flawless job, no paint on the fender beads, window seals, windlace, etc. Only the exterior was painted, but the new paint job was done in the color that was original to the car. There is no notable difference between the interior (still retaining the original paint job) and the exterior, other than the original doesn’t shine quite as well. Does this de-value the car at all?

  • ethanvid says:

    Your describing my 73 to a T. But being in CT. beggars can’t be choosers. I was just happy that I found one with no rot. and because of your vids, shes runs like new.

  • brighteyefilms says:

    @Cchange4us We do both. We restore for others who sign onto our “Build-A-BuG” program, and if we come across a gem ourselves, we will fix/restore and sell.

  • Cchange4us says:

    @brighteyefilms hey man, so are you a resto shop? or do you just find cars fix them and then sell them

  • bobcooli17 says:

    i am on a budget and will be painting my beetle myself. i will be stripping and popin the windows beading etc… so i will do the best job i can.
    thanks chris for the tip on the pain jobs.

  • herbienbrian2 says:

    L87 cars had matching fender beading..

  • brighteyefilms says:

    @ChuddleBuggy I do not know actual suppliers, but I deal with the parts stores that get them in. They should work on your bug.

  • ChuddleBuggy says:

    @brighteyefilms Would you happen to know suppliers for Brazillian Standard Beetle bodyparts? Are they pretty much interchangeable with the German/Mexican? (I know the glass is smaller on the brazillian, but what about fenders, hood, bumpers?) I’ve gotten myself into a wierd situation where i might have to mix parts between the 2 and I thought i might get some expert opinion before i commit. Thanks.

  • brighteyefilms says:

    @ChuddleBuggy those bugs are pretty cool too. Yeah pop outs were always an option in the US, they didn’t come on all of them.

  • brighteyefilms says:

    @Kbrusky15 I hate it when they do that, it was SOO 80s

  • Kbrusky15 says:

    I thought I noticed something was gone and you mentioned the chrome and that was it that was missing.

  • ChuddleBuggy says:

    Chris, i notice this 68 doesn’t have the pop out windows..:) BTW, what do you think about the Brazillian “Fusca” Standard Beetle? They look pretty much identical to the German Standard Beetle. Have you seen some in the US? My understanding is the US had the 68-72 Standard Beetle with the 1500 engine while the rest of the world had a 1300 option.

  • brighteyefilms says:

    @thejustingolembiesky well those questions you ask are purely up to you really. I do not like two tone nor would I keep the ole paint inside.

  • viktor074 says:

    i like the chrome… :(

  • thejustingolembiesky says:

    quick question- i want to paint my bug yellow (the stock color) but i want to add a white 2 tone on the sides, like from the chrome down (except fenders) do i need to pant the inside of the bottom half of the door white too? and is it okay if the yellow doesnt match the inside perfectly? i dont want to paint the inside

  • cuizable says:

    @brighteyefilms Ok, I thought you meant they were always black. Great how-to, thanks!

  • brighteyefilms says:

    @lockfordian Well it also all depends what the body work is like. Go to Maaco if you have to. Probably 2k and under.

  • brighteyefilms says:

    @cuizable Not exact color! Usually a shade off from the cars color. A white bug may have a beige or off white bead. 50s bugs had black beads as well.

  • cuizable says:

    On some years, the fender beads were the same color with the car. I think after 1974, they made all of them black. Of course, a colored bead shouldn’t be painted, it is supposed to be dyed in the factory.

  • lockfordian says:

    Right now my 65 bug is rattle canned much should a cheap pain job cost round about if i tear it down

  • DJ4000VOLT says:

    Everything u see rih tear

  • samberlyrocks says:

    @gkar2255 as soon as i heard the song, it was like a door opened up in my memory that i never knew existed!! awesome!!!!!

  • TheDrywallogist says:

    very much appreciated. thanks for putting this on you-tube. it a lot easier to show my son this toy that i had 40 yrs or so ago then trying to explain it.

  • jason123456789210 says:

    i don’t need this, i can do this in gta 4!

  • jason123456789210 says:

    redneck toys

  • Gkar2255 says:

    Came across this by chance. The funny thing is that this song was such an earworm that it still pops up in my memory from time to time all of these years later. This jingle and the theme from the 6 mill dollar man. Go figure…

  • rcfreek13 says:

    @bobotech LOL! well i guess it is Distructive if you think about ir

  • peckerwood57 says:

    I remember that commercial. Catchy tune.

  • zetetic0void says:

    I had these as a kid…. it was great fun until one day it broke!

  • MegaModelMan says:

    i was so close to buying one on ebay but i found out that they were missing parts={ i want one SOOOO bad

  • jak68 says:

    I too wanted one of these SOOOOOOO badly when I was a kid. My neighbor wound up getting it, and shortly after we moved away, so I never got to play with it the way I wanted to. I still want to, lol.

  • FordMonsterTruck says:

    Thats cool!

  • loknloll says:

    i so had this!!! i’m 41 one now. still love smashin’ shit.

  • FastFilmsInc1 says:

    I want one of those

  • 1963Pure says:

    @jmm1000 and so you are a stereotyped arrogant idiot ;-)

  • 1963Pure says:

    I used to play with those smashing cars when I was a kid in the hall of the school, we were allowed to bring any toy for one hour a week!

  • jefferypotridge says:

    even though i dont play with toys anymore but i like this one they should make em again id pry buy lol :P

  • annoyingfeatures says:

    protest to jasmin toys (they make smash up derby now) to remake smash up derby like it used to be and not with suvs like they do now

  • crayzeecanuk says:

    i got a set for Xmas…my cousin (girl) ran to my mom and said I was wrecking my toys…lol

  • sunphuk says:

    Jmm1000 what are you?- a dick head? get off your sister, and stop that stuff with the dogs balls
    find some professional help before its too late.

  • TEXsun1313 says:

    who remembers pullinh the cord and then putting the car up to your ear

  • Pazuzuking says:

    I miss my ’57 Nomad…

  • caravans2 says:

    thats a 1957 Ford and 1957 Chevrolet Nomad,ive recently picked up the Ford at a auto jumble and me brothers still got the Nomad from when new(it came as a single car not a set)where i used to have the beetle and pickup truck set .Did they do anymore???

  • classicphile says:

    I remember this commercial airing when I was a little kid in the 1970s. Damn, but I wanted this toy. My family was dirt poor and we couldnt afford store bought toys advertised on tv like this one. My toy collection pretty much consisted of mis-matched odds and ends, bits and pieces, that were handed down to me by friends, or found in the streets somewhere, etc. Toy commercials, like this one (and being a big watcher of tv, I saw thousands of them), only served to torture me.

  • LEDRavecom says:

    Ha! My parents wouldn’t let me have Smash-Up Derby either. Perhaps for the same reason. I did have a friend who had the set so he and I destroyed it. His mom got mad but he and I had hours of fun.

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