Ford Mustang **Roush 427 R** **435 Horsepower** Chicago Cars Direct HD

Test drive of a stunning Supercharged 427R Stage 3 Roush Mustang from Chicago Cars Direct. Jack Roush knows a thing or two about racing and Mustangs. His road racing career includes more than 110 wins and 20 national championships, and this vast expertise is evident throughout the ROUSH 427R Trak Pak. Designed for the daily driver who enjoys pushing his car to the limits on open track days, the ROUSH 427R Trak Pak Mustang has plenty of specialized content to accommodate the unique needs of those who like driving up to the edge on the racetrack in a safe, controlled environment. With the addition of the intercooled ROUSHcharger™ the 427R Trak Pak Mustang has 435 horsepower and 400 lb.-ft. of torque, plenty of power to quickly get up to speed on the straightaways. The cooling system has been enhanced with a black bar high flow front grille and radiator cooling shields. There is a functional strut tower brace under the hood to help strengthen the chassis and decrease unwanted twisting. The suspension system has been completely revamped to easily manage the twists and turns of a road course. The ROUSH 427R Trak Pak suspension includes adjustable front and rear shocks, front and rear springs, front and rear stabilization bars, front and rear jounce bumpers and adjustable camber/caster plates. To whoa this pony down ROUSH adds 6-piston front calipers with 14-inch, two-piece slotted front rotors and slotted rear rotors. The brake pads are replaced with high-performance racing
Video Rating: 4 / 5

((yot car styling ‘body kits’ ‘aftermarket car accessories’))

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  • allturbo16 says:


  • shane25923 says:

    haha, go to a website call auto source salvage yard, and they have the same type of mustang, for 18 grand, and it was a robbery, and has no damage

  • lespaul9836 says:

    that’s my neighborhood!!!! come say hi!

  • TheWatzitooya says:

    Cool Ferrari hat. I have a Lamborghini one just like it. I’m wearing it right now…

  • theCANaDiAN1987 says:

    I have this Roushcharger plus a little more in my otherwise mostly stock 07 GT with 3.73 gears. Same colour too. She’s a rocket all right, I love the blower whine. You can just stomp on it and that wail just turns heads everywhere. I love it.

  • coolguy10060 says:

    @GT500Shelby07 or challenger owners who cry because there that slow

  • blazzing4321 says:

    We love Ford. :)

  • GT500Shelby07 says:

    @THATzakKiD They are just Camaro owners that can’t keep up :D

  • deadeyedickification says:

    @1SirCarlton yea they have potential. but in stock form, i couldnt justify paying 45K+ for a car i could beat with a used trans am thru a 1/4 mile. but if i were ever going to buy a mustang, itd be the new 5.0

  • 1SirCarlton says:

    @deadeyedickification i see… u may have a point there. the Coyote 5.0 w/ less power does get through the quarter mile a bit faster or at the same time. but really the Roush is more of a track car than it is a straight line performer. those Shelby’s just need better tires than the Goodyears it came with.

  • deadeyedickification says:

    @1SirCarlton says most professional drivers who have driven it in stock form.
    watch this:


    my point in the flesh. its a classic example of a high-end Mustang; not enough performance to justify the price i.e. too much bark and not enough bite. other examples are the 2008 GT500 KR and the SuperSnake. it may make a shit-ton of power but cant get it to the ground. the only Mustangs that were done right in my opinion were the 03-04 Cobras and the new 5.0s

  • 1SirCarlton says:

    @deadeyedickification who says it only runs 12.9?

  • default919 says:

    i got those same jeans

  • TheCzechnology says:

    This isn’t a supercar

  • applepierockzmisox says:

    5 speed?!?!?

  • tonc64 says:

    only a mad man woul dislike this

  • jumar1281 says:

    a thing of beauty

  • deadeyedickification says:

    It’s sad that this car is supercharged making 435hp and only runs 12.9s on street tires lol. F-bodies are running 12.6s with lids, exhaust and dyno-tunes. Besides the new 5.0s, all N/A mustangs are just a big yawn.

  • 3bdullaziz says:

    nice car really, where did u record this video?

  • SupRStanG says:

    @khammett12 No, But The Base Vette Is STILL More Expensive Than A Base Mustang. Your Argument Is Still Pointless…

  • khammett12 says:

    @SupRStanG yeah maybe a zr1 but a base would never be that high

  • nachopantoja says:

    the dislike people own a honda hahahahaha

  • mrderricksouth says:

    Pedafile going to schools………….

  • happymealswims83 says:

    @neerredd beg to differ

  • SupRStanG says:

    @neerredd And, If A Vette Is Double The Money Now, You Can Bet It Was Double The Money 3,5,8,10 Years Ago…

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