How To Install Body Kit – Body Kit Install for more FREE tips on install body kit, auto painting. Learn how to paint your car, body kit install and save thousands. Duraflex Extreme Dimensions Body Kit Fender Hood Trunk Wings Spoilers Grille VIS Seibon VFiber Bumper AIT Racing BMagic Carbon Fiber

kit painted to match Vehicle !

((yot car styling ‘body kits’ ‘aftermarket car accessories’))

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  • HowToPaintYourCar says:

    @mikoe123 We show you how to do everything, shaving, filling, inserting custom air dams, custom light installations plus much more. You’ll love it!

  • mikoe123 says:

    on your body kit video do you go into full detail like doing some shaving,filing down,grinding, or sanding to get the best fitment???…….

  • HowToPaintYourCar says:

    @zeroshift916 I wouldn’t out your email out like that. You can get spammed. Just subscribe to our site! see you there :)

  • zeroshift916 says:

    Guillermo Flores
    thanks man for the info your awesome

  • lordkingdragon says:

    im trying to put on my own body kit but im worryed that some of the body kits might require the use of the stock bumper or they might not have the hardware required to install. im doing a 1993 ford escort and the stock bumper is trashed any ideas on where will be a good place to buy a new bumper for my car with out the hassle or at least put my mind at rest

  • JerzeyGirl81885 says:

    @gregisawesome12 I’m interested in your body kits please email me some pics @

  • gregisawesome12 says:

    i am putting a body kit on my 2002 eclipse would some info and tips thanks i also have two body kits for a 2000-2005 eclpse i am selling

  • orkeyadam1 says:

    im looking at a body kit and all the pictures of bodykits are 2 doors my car is a 4 door will it still fit

  • CavJoshy93 says:

    Ho-ho, got the same skirts lol.

  • HowToPaintYourCar says:

    @JUSTADDCHEESE haha. Yeah, do it yourself man. 1500 is crazy. I actually show you how to do this step-by-step over in the VIP area at learnautobodyvip(.)com See what you get there! Be cool and Merry Christmas man!


    Went to my local body shop today my kit costs $450 install costs $1500…. FUCK THAT im doin it myself, thanks for the vid

  • HowToPaintYourCar says:

    @nicevic0930 Yes, sometimes. If you have a side skirt that covers the lower fender, then you may also need to take off your side skirts.

  • nicevic0930 says:

    Hey tony i have a question. Do you have to take off the side kirts and the fenders when you replace the shocks from the lambo doors ? Or you can take it out whithout take the fenders off please tell me thank you

  • HowToPaintYourCar says:

    @NguyenEmpir3 Look around your local area… unless you want to do it yourself…. then visit the main headquarters learnautobodyandpaint(.)com

  • NguyenEmpir3 says:

    where do they do body kit installations… street mods?

  • lamborghinimonster33 says:

    @ThyLesLegionsNoires pre paid credit card :) can buy them almost every where

  • HowToPaintYourCar says:

    @ThyLesLegionsNoires Send me a Private message and I will make sure my assistant helps you through the process. You can also contact us from learnautobodyandpaint(.)com

    Talk soon!

  • ThyLesLegionsNoires says:

    i whould buy this guys DIY information but i dont know how to put money on the internet and i dont have a credit card. any help?

  • HowToPaintYourCar says:

    @Gregkal123 just google it. It all differs on what car parts you are looking for…

  • Gregkal123 says:

    what is the best website to buy aftermarket parts?!

  • ForgedinShadow says:

    Cheers mate.

  • phine009 says:

    hello mind telling me where you order ur body kits?

  • HowToPaintYourCar says:

    @bigfuzzy5952 hey man… we actually have step-by-step training videos within the members club. You may want to check that out over at learnautobodyandpaint(.)com

  • bigfuzzy5952 says:

    i have a full body kit on my galant 94 and the back right fender part is hanging off it looks like the screw broke away how should i repair this

  • HowToPaintYourCar says:

    @mdriedger1 You should check out the VIP site!

  • domination281 says:

    I hope the dodge magnum is going to be just a show car because it has one hell of a blind spot now

  • cupcake1556 says:

    great work on the Yaris what is the name of the kit

  • petaco92 says:

    that Beautiful the YARIS :D

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