BBC: Reno Air Race – Jeremy Clarkson’s Extreme Machines

Wild West Clarkson with very fluffy hair watchest the world’s fastest motor sport played out at 500 miles a hour at the Reno Air Race! Awesome clip of some of the world’s best motors from vintage gem ‘Jeremy Clarkson’s Extreme Machines’. Don’t forget to hit ‘view in high quality’ at the bottom right of the video to get the best picture.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

((yot supercars fastest car))

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  • Betchacantflythis76 says:

    now jon sharp has the NXT that does well over 500 mph!!

  • Betchacantflythis76 says:


  • okjohnlemon says:

    oh man what is that song at 1:40?

  • blackness010 says:

    nascar in air = nasplane?

  • MrRromy says:

    1:26 It’s a Latvian flag!? WTF?

  • veyronman says:

    @frilink as a number of people did earlier this year when a P-51 crashed into the grandstand, killing 11 people including the pilot.

  • noblem600god says:

    look at the speed it goes… 312 mph…. thats around 500 KPH !!!

  • MrDaikimo says:

    I live in Reno so the planes fly over my house lol it wakes me up!

  • MrDaikimo says:

    I live in Reno and I never thought about the air races that Mitch until I looked at it from an outside perspective

  • frilink says:

    Make a small mistake, you die……..

  • abus777 says:

    or cars come to think of it…

  • frequentflyer15 says:


  • xxxxxJSxxxxx says:

    @Gugguggug Sounds like Nascar, only in air :D

  • mporlier1 says:

    There is a big difference between 4G braking or lateral vs 6G vertical. You cant compare, both are equally hard in their own way.

  • tomburley says:

    @ezeflierid I have to admit that – after looking at the Reno Air race course records the some of the single lap speeds, especially during qualifying, have steadily increased over the past 40yrs. Rare Bear peaked @ 495.03mph and Strega hit 507.10mph with September Fury topping out @ 478.51mph.
    However it should be noted that all of these top speed runs were reached on the 67mile qualifying course lap and not the 9 mile lap.

  • tomburley says:

    @metalraider187 Not at any altitude. Max speed of the P51H (fastest versio) is 487mph @ 25,000ft, with the Sea Fur running @ 460mph and the Bearcat @ 455mph – all need to be above 20,000ft to achieve these speeds. Fast they are, but not 500mph + speeds….unless in a dive.
    However, 350mph-400mph at 1,000ft at Reno sure looks impressive and sounds GREAT

  • metalraider187 says:

    @tomburley not at those low altitudes, but if they flew them any higher then it wouldnt be much of a spectator sport.

  • ezeflierid says:

    @tomburley I beg to differ. Rare Bear has turned a lap at 499mph.. Dago Red has turned a lap at 512.. Not quite 540, but within a rather close percentage.

  • pofrani says:

    View in High Quality = 360p????? the hell?

  • alecdepalect says:

    in the mean time spacehog

  • alecdepalect says:

    1:25 song names  in the mean time

  • maxzilla21 says:

    Almost like nascar.

  • tomburley says:

    I think he’s exagerating the running speeds a bit. He says “500mph” then says they complete the 9 mile lap in ONE minute (60 x 9 = 540mph)
    I mean – I love the Mustang, Tempest and Bearcat but they are not 500mph + planes.

  • dix1978 says:

    Keine Abdichtbänder am Leitwerk der Nemesis!
    Die Motorflieger, lol…

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